09/10/13: Titus 2 Kick-Off
09/17/13: General Session
09/24/13: General Session
10/01/13: General Session
10/08/13: No Titus 2
10/15/13: General Session
10/22/13: General Session
10/29/13: General Session
11/05/13: General Session
11/12/13: Thanksgiving Send-Off
11/19/13: No Titus 2
11/26/13: No Titus 2
12/03/13: General Session
12/10/13: Christmas Send-Off
12/17/13: No Titus 2
12/24/13: No Titus 2
12/31/13: No Titus 2
01/07/14: No Titus 2
01/14/14: General Session
01/21/14: General Session
01/28/14: General Session
02/04/14: General Session
02/11/14: General Session
02/18/14: General Session
02/25/14: General Session
03/04/14: General Session
03/11/14: General Session
03/18/14: General Session
03/25/14: Easter Send-Off
04/01/14: No Titus 2
04/08/14: No Titus 2
04/15/14: No Titus 2
04/22/14: General Session
04/29/14: General Session
05/06/14: General Session
05/13/14: Summer Send-Off


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